Our Services


Helping clients pursue their financial goals by employing a disciplined investment management process.

  • Establish Goals and Objectives
  • Determine Risk Tolerance
  • Develop Asset Allocation & Investment Strategies
  • Portfolio Construction: investment products, advisory platforms, and managers
  • Execute Investment Strategy
  • Monitor Progress & make necessary adjustments


  • A client/advisor relationship built on trust and integrity
  • Educational Resources
  • Personalized communications offering (portfolio manager insights, research reports, news on specific investments)
  • Timely research and updates on market conditions and economic trends
  • Opportunities to attend financial and educational events
  • Facilitate family meetings
  • Act as a liaison to your other professional advisors (accountants, attorney, etc.)
  • Personalized delivery of information (phone, email, social media, in person)


Utilizing in-depth experience in financial planning and investment management, we also bring in professionals with the experience necessary for a successful wealth management plan.

Retirement Planning:  lifestyle review, risk review, pension and/or social security benefit analysis, retirement account assessment, retirement income plan, beneficiary review, healthcare/Medicare planning

Family Needs Planning:  comprehensive goals based financial planning, education planning, planning for support of aging parents/family members

Business Succession Planning:  business needs review, cash management and capital needs assessment, succession plan documents, succession plan funding

Executive Compensation Management: concentrated stock services, stock options strategies, restricted securities (liquidation and risk management alternatives), estate and wealth planning (particular to executive compensation management)

Insurance and Liability Management:  goal protection (life insurance & long-term care), income protection (disability insurance and business overhead insurance), liability insurance (keyman insurance)

Estate Planning Strategies:  wills, durable power of attorney (POA) for healthcare/living will, trusts, gifting, charitable giving, asset titling, estate tax funding, family dynamics/family meeting